Who We Are

YAYAS is lucky to have an active council with a wide variety and depth of experience in fields related to architecture, archaeology, history and heritage. Meet our friendly and knowledgeable council below. 

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Mr John Shaw




President: Prof. DM Palliser

Vice-President/ General Secretary: 

Mr David Brinklow

Specialism: The archaeology of York above and below ground.

Why YAYAS? A deeper understanding of York's past can usefully inform future development. The society has a significant role to play in this area.


Ms Alison Sinclair

Lectures Secretary: 

Dr Rosemary Suttill

Specialism: As they say, 'A walk through York is a walk through history'. And I enjoy history.

Why YAYAS? It makes sure York has a future history.

Honorary Treasurer: 

Mr Kurt Hunter-Mann

Specialism: Archaeology, especially Roman York.

Why YAYAS? It is a one-stop shop for learning about the history and archaeology of York.

Editor of the York Historian: 

Mr Kurt Hunter-Mann


Keeper of the Evelyn Collection: 

Mr Ian Drake

Specialism: A York Voluntary Guide with detailed knowledge of YAYAS' Evelyn Collection.

Why YAYAS? Because York is the most special City in England and I want to help ensure it stays that way.

Membership Secretary: 

Ms Tonita Day

Specialism: My particular passion is architecture; I am interested in why building materials were used and where they came from.

Why YAYAS? The Society provides me with a learning curve through lectures and excursions.

Twisted Red Tile Roof


Ms Sandra Garside-Neville

Specialism: York brick and tile. Also YAYAS’ Hanstock Collection, gasometers, windmills and now the auxiliary hospitals of York.

Why YAYAS? It neatly covers my interests, with lectures, tours, and the Evelyn Collection of images.

Publicity Secretary: 

Mrs Angela Wheatcroft

Excursions/Website Secretary: 

Ms Frances Brinklow

Specialism: I deliver theatre-based history workshops to KS1-3 in schools throughout Yorkshire.

Why YAYAS? I enjoy the lectures and talking to like-minded people with a wealth of knowledge.

Council Member: 

Mr Ivan Martin


Council Member: 

Mr Nick Beilby


Council Member: 

Mr Ian Tempest


Council Member: 

Ms Catherine Sotheran

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Contact Us


We're glad you've decided to get in touch with us! Please remember YAYAS is run on an

entirely voluntary basis and as such, our council do not have office hours. We will

endeavour to respond quickly to any enquiry but we ask for your patience, especially

during peak holiday times.


For general enquiries please contact info@yayas.org.uk


For enquiries regarding membership please contact Ms Tonita Day at membership@yayas.org.uk


For enquiries regarding the Evelyn and other collections, please contact Mr Ian Drake at collections@yayas.org.uk


For enquiries regarding charitable giving, or supporting YAYAS financially, please contact admin@yayas.org.uk

For enquiries regarding pieces for publication or books for review in York Historian, please contact Mr Kurt Hunter-Mann at historian@yayas.org.uk





Would you like more say over YAYAS' planned excursions? Maybe you have a great idea for a trip, useful contacts within the heritage/archaeology/architecture  industries or have a little bit of spare time to scour the county or web for places of potential interest. Whatever you have to offer with regards to sourcing/planning excursions, we'd love to hear from you. This opportunity could involve pre-visits, online source-checking, site assessment, liaising with heritage sites and itinerary production, and would be a great first step for anyone considering working within events management. There is no limit to the number to be considered for this opportunity and it could take as little as a couple of hours per month. For more information please contact us.



Do you faithfully attend YAYAS lectures? Browse the bookstand and admire the projection? This is your chance to be more involved! YAYAS is seeking volunteers to help out with lectures in the following ways (you would be welcome to take on just one responsibility or combine the tasks as your interests dictate). 


Welcomers: calling all social butterflies! If you are friendly and enthusiastic about YAYAS, this is just the job for you! We are looking for members to attend the social half hour before lectures begin at 7.30 to greet people, chat to visitors and new members, and help to serve refreshments. We would ask that you get to the lecture site 30-45 minutes before the lecture begins - this is a great option for those who don't want to take on any extra workload. Contact us for more information.


Lectures Assistants: are you a pro with PCs? Amazing with AV systems? A bright spark with lighting? Then YAYAS needs YOU! We are looking for volunteers to help set up and pack down the technology used for lectures. Is tech not your cup of tea? Fear not - we're also seeking people to help set out our bookstall before and after lectures. We ask that assistants arrive 45 minutes before the lecture is due to begin, and expect that you would stay on for around 15 minutes afterwards to pack away, but this position has no additional workload. Contact us for more information.


Speakers: Are you a repository of untapped knowledge? We are so lucky in this Society to have an amazing amount of experience, skill and wisdom within our ranks and we'd love to hear from many of you. If you'd like to speak on an agreed topic, please let the council know and we'll try our best to make it happen.

Don't want to speak, but know someone who would? Please let our secretary know if you have suitable contacts for YAYAS lectures: we endeavour to keep our programme as varied as possible and new contacts enable this. Contact us for more information.

Publicity and Publications.


We're always looking to bring YAYAS to a new and broader audience. This is your chance to be part of a team maximising publicity for YAYAS: from local libraries to workplaces, could you help to spread the word about our Society? Whether it's distributing flyers, working with social media or acting as a point of contact, there are lots of ways for individuals to promote the Society. Please contact Angela Wheatcroft at info@yayas.org.uk for more information on publicity opportunities and ways in which you could help.


Proofreaders and Writers: if you're a budding Rushdie or want to be the next Hobsbawm, look no further! We're looking for volunteers to proofread articles for the website (even the most dedicated web writers let mitsakes silp through every now and agen). If you'd rather take up the quill yourself, there are opportunities to write for both the website and the YAYAS Times. Do you have an idea for an article, a news snippet or a feature? Let us know - we'll do our best to enable you to see your name in print!


Publication Distribution: enjoy YAYAS' contribution to the world of print, but don't fancy adding to it yourself? You can still help out as we are looking for volunteers to assist with the distribution and sale of YAYAS publications:

a) At meetings

b) At fairs and conferences e.g. CBA Yorkshire day conference.

c) By post – handling member, subscriber and one-off orders, enveloping, writing invoices, mailing.

d) Help hand deliver members’ copies in your local area.

Please contact us to register your interest.

The Evelyn Collection


Do you have an interest or even a background in archival work? Do you love historic images and want to enable access to a unique collection? Then this is the post for you. Assist YAYAS' Keeper of the Evelyn Collection in responding to enquiries to use the collection for study and research, both by email and in person. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to get their foot in the door as an archivist or assistant curator: you will learn valuable skills in assisting our knowledgeable Keeper and Archivist and have the opportunity to make connections with research scholars interested in the field. If you'd like to help, please contact Ian Drake or Sandra Garside-Neville.