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York Historian is YAYAS' own academic journal. First published in 1976, the Historian boasts articles from eminent historians such as Ron Butler, Eric Gee and David Palliser. Following sporadic publications in the 1930s and '50s, and funded by the sale of YAYAS' private library, the initial aim of the journal was to provide a robustly academic view of the archaeology, history and architecture of York and Yorkshire.


Published biennially at first, the journal became an annual publication in 1994 with the continuing aid of the Sheldon Memorial Trust, who still contribute to its printing today. The Historian has further links to the Sheldon Trust: we are lucky enough to publish essays winning their coveted essay prize.


Over the years, the York Historian has produced a wide variety of ground-breaking research covering everything from Roman roads and Medieval street names to heraldry and stained glass, and we hope to continue in this endeavour for years to come.

Volumes 1-10

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Volumes 21-30
Volumes 11-20
Volumes 31-

Volume 1 (1976)

  • Ramm, H.G. The Roman Roads West of Tadcaster

  • Harvey, J.H. A Bootham Mystery - Galmanhoe, Kenningilike, Werkdike

  • Palliser, D.M.  A Hostile View of Elizabethan York

  • Butler, R.M. The Troubles of John Jackson in Naburn and York

  • Gilbert, C. Ingram 's Almshouse, York

  • Malden, J. The Walker Iron Foundry, York c. 1825-1923

  • Bell, C.R. A Great Flood in York As Seen Through Dr Evelyn's Camera


Volume 2 (1978)

  • Palliser, D.M. The Medieval Street Names of York

  • Cross, C. York Clerical Piety and St Peter's School on the Eve of the Reformation

  • Aylmer, G.E. The Council in the North: a Note on the Location of the Secretary's Office

  • Newman, P.R. Two York City Regiments, 1642-1644

  • Butler, R.M. Views of York 1650-1845

  • Haxby, D. & Malden, J. Thomas Haxby of York (1729-1796) - an extraordinary musician and musical instrument maker

  • Brears, P.C.D. John Harper at Shibilen - a Gothick Lady and her Architect


Volume 3 (1980)

  • Gee, E.A. The Roofs of All Saints, North Street, York

  • Woodward, D. Wage Regulation in Mid-Tudor York

  • Cross, C. Lay Literacy and Clerical Misconduct in a York Parish During the Reign of Mary Tudor

  • Barnett, R.C. The Lord Presidency of the North and the Succession of James I

  • Black, V. The Search for 'Black Tom' Fairfax

  • Arch, N.J. 'To Stop This Dangerous Mischief': York and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745

  • Haxby, D. & Malden, J. Thomas Haxby - a Note

  • Newman,P.R. Absentee Landlords and the Enclosure of the Open Fields: Hessay in the Ainsty

  • Duthie, R.E. The Ancient Society of York Florists

  • Bell, C.R. & Booth, K.W. The Story of the ‘River King’


Volume 4 (1984)

  • Brighton, J.T. Henry Gyles: Virtuoso and Glasspainter of York 1645-1709 (monograph) 


Volume 5 (1984)

  • Swanson, R.N. Thomas Holme and his Chantries

  • Murrray, H. The City's Shield of Arms

  • Bateson, J.H. The Cap of Maintenance

  • Cuff, G.G. Who Saved York Walls?

  • Peacock, A.J. Conscience and Politics in York 1914-18

York Historian 1-10

Volume 6 (1985)

  • Shannon, J. Oliver Sheldon

  • Murray, H. The Mayor's Esquires

  • Attreed, L.C. Medieval Bureaucracy and Yorks Fee Farm during the 15th Century

  • White, E. The Tenements at the Common Hall Gates 1550-1725

  • Malden, R.J. Elusive Virtuosi: Thomas and Joshua Mann

  • Whitehead, B. York and the Jacobite Rebels

  • Kaner, J. York and the Battle of Jersey


Volume 7 (1986)

  • Hogarth, S. Ecclesiastical Vestments and Vestmentmakers in York 1300-1600

  • Brears, P.C.D. The Cooks of York

  • Spratt, D.A. The 1630 Map of Skelton, York

  • Pearson, C. A Forgotten Memorial: the Family Window of Edmund and Sarah Gyles, and William and Jane Karby

  • Black, J. 'The City Itself is But Poor': York in 1721

  • Black, J. Whig Popular Propaganda in the Early 18th Century: a Yorkshire Example

  • Myerscough, C. The Fishers of York: a Family of Sculptors

  • Leake, A.S. The Refounding of St Peter's School, York 1828-1844


Volume 8 (1988)

  • Kaner, J. Clifton and Medieval Woolhouses

  • Murray, H. Heraldry of the See of York

  • Butler, R.M. York Palace; a Vanished Jacobean Mansion

  • Malden, R.J. Combmakers of York

  • Haywood, L. A Case for Reward: the City of York Association for the Prosecution of Felons, Cheats &c

  • Duffield, S. Queen Victoria: the Sad Fate of a Statue

  • Harrison, P.A. The York Festival of 1951


Volume 9 (1990)

  • Oosterwijk, S. Fourteenth Century Sculptures on the Aisle Walls in the Nave of York Minster

  • Warmington, A.R. The Corporation of York in Peace and War 1638-1645

  • Taylor, W.B. The Rise and Decline of the Wholesale Butter Trade of York in the 18th Century

  • Peel, B. The Groves, York 1860-1881: a Study of Housing and Families in Three Streets

  • Hildyard, R. Frank Green's Restoration of Treasurer's House, York

  • Murray, H. Electrobuses in York 


Volume 10 (1992)

  • Kaner, J. Acomb Grange

  • Taylor, W.B. The Workshops and Manufactories of York in the Second Half of the 18th Century

  • Davison, A. A Genuine and Superior Article: the Last Two Centuries of Brewing in York

  • Forrester, R. Owners and Occupiers of Treasurer's House, York 1815-1900

  • Moore, H. Touring Pictures Exhibited in York 1840-1860

  • Index to Volumes 1-10 (Click here for a PDF of the full index)

York Historian 11-20

Volume 11 (1994)

  • French, T.W. St Anthony's Hall, York an Architectural and Functional Reconsideration

  • Shields, E.L. The Members of Parliament for the City of York 1485-1515

  • Leeman, S.A. 'Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make': the Debtors' Prison, York

  • Hartley, B.R. Thomas Griffith of York 'Once Governor of the Castle and Now a Debtor from the Same'

  • Murray, H. Queen Victoria, York and the Royal Myths


Volume 12 (1995)

  • Daniell, C. Family, Land and Politics: Ralph Nuvel's Family and Ancestors in York (c.1120-c.1240)

  • Palliser, D.M. The York Freemen's Register 1273-1540: Amendments and Additions

  • Daly, A.E. An Introduction to the Archive of Architectural Drawings of York Minster in the Minster Library

  • Taylor, W.B. A History of the Tadcaster-York Turnpike

  • Jones, M.G.M. The Yorkshire County Memorial: a History of the Yorkshire County Memorial, York for the Second Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (I)


Volume 13 (1996)

  • Stell, P.M. & Hawkyard, A. The Lay Subsidy of 1334 for York

  • Thomas, P.V. The Elizabethan Privy Council and Soldiers at York in a Time of War

  • Butler, R.M. The Earliest Views of York?

  • Murray, H. Mr Micawber in York 

  • Poole, D.C. St Leonard's Place - a Terrace of Splendour

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (II)


Volume 14 (1997)

  • Palliser, D.M. Thirteenth-Century York - England's Second City

  • Butler, R.M. Notes on the Minster Close at York

  • Stell, P.M. The Apothecaries of Medieval York

  • Backhouse, A. The Wormeaten Waistcoat - the Pledge Book and Owners of a Pawnbroker's Business

  • Taylor, W.B. Banking in York in the 18th Century

  • Fawcett, B. Some Notes on the Rebuilding of Acomb Parish Church 1828-32

  • Claughton, S. The Harrogate Civic War Memorial: Attitudes to the War and the War Dead

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (III)


Volume 15 (1998)

  • McLaughlin, H. Monstrous Beauties and Lovely Deformities: The Marginal Sculptures of York Minster Chapter House

  • Stell, P.M. Constables of York 1380-1500

  • Haywood, L. The Role of York's Parish Constables 1713-1835 Griffiths, D. Music in the 18th Century Theatre

  • Harrison, B. William Gossip's House in Ogleforth, York 1733-1808

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (IV)

Volume 16 (1999)

  • Arnold, H. The Kitchens of Medieval York - the Evidence of the Inventories

  • Merryweather, J. The Minstrels Pillar in St Mary's Church, Beverley - a Tudor Portrait of the York Waites?

  • Thomas, P.V. Rogues and Vagabonds in Medieval York

  • Carlile, D. 'A Comon and Scottish Drunkard You Have Been' - Prosecutions for Drunkenness in York Courts c.1660-1725

  • Petch, J. The Methodists of Huntington

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (V)


Volume 17 (2001)

  • Dunn, M. The Art and History of Lead Rainwater Heads in the City of York

  • Malden, J. A Secret Diary

  • Murray, H. Sedan Chairs in York

  • Oates, J. York and the Rebel Prisoners 1745-1752

  • Butterill, C. The Temperance Movement in York: 1830-1845

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (VI)


Volume 18 (2002)

  • Tringham, N. Spitelcroft in Late Medieval York

  • Stell, P. Paying for the Freedom of the City in the Fifteenth Century: the Standar’ Maioris

  • Bastow, S. The Catholic Gentry and the Catholic Community of the City of York 1536-1642: the Focus of a Catholic County

  • Kaner, J. & Hogarth, S. Responses to the Problem of the Poor in Post-Restoration York

  • Hogarth, S. & Kaner, J. Employing the Poor: Richard Clough and the York Cotton Manufactory

  • Murray, H. A York Bibliography (VII)


Volume 19 (2002)

  • Thallon, M. The New Walk – a history

  • White, E & Swinburne, L. Two seventeenth century grocers in York: the inventories of Richard Jaques (1655) and Suckling Spendlove (1690)

  • Arnold, H. T J Maslen’s account of York in 1843 and his suggestions for the redevelopment of the city

  • Bollen, J. Boys who infest the streets? – juvenile criminality in York: 1820-1850

  • Heinrich, A. The making of the Civic Theatre: the history of the Theatre Royal in York between 1744 and 1945


Volume 20 (2003)

  • Merryweather, J. The York Waits’ Chains

  • Oates, J. Dr Burton vs Dr Steane

  • Gaastra, J. William Gossip and his family at Skelton Manor, 1739-46: some observations on their life there

  • Hogarth, S. Stars, ribbons and garters

  • Index to Volumes 11-20 (Click here for a PDF of the full index)

York Historian 21-30

Volume 21 (2004)

  • Sinclair, A. Early House Planning at New Earswick

  • Hawkes, E. John Vavasour

  • Smith, S. ‘The City is but Poor’: Evidence for the Depressed State of York’s Economy in the 1720s

  • Leak, A. The College of Vicars Choral at York Minster: Decline and Dissolution: 1821-1935


Volume 22 (2005)

  • Fawcett, B. The Nineteenth-Century Prison Buildings at York Castle

  • Metcalfe, B. The Forgotten Shipyard

  • Tomory, P. A Curator at York: 1 January 1950 to 10 November 1951


Volume 23 (2006)

  • Hunter-Mann, K. Romans Lose Their Heads in York

  • Murray, H. A Case of Mistaken Identity: Hudson v Leeman

  • Fawcett, B. The Municipal Offices at York Castle

  • Jackson, E. Joseph Rowntree (1801-1859), a Citizen of York


Volume 24 (2007)

  • Sister Gregory, Life in the Bar Convent 1686-1900

  • Oates, J. York and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715

  • Hogarth, S. Dr William White of Castlegate (1744-1790)

  • Audin, A. York’s Burmese Belle 1852-2004

  • Eaton, P. Thruscross: a Landscape Archaeological Survey

  • Kenny, J. Community Archaeology In and Around York


Volume 25 (2008)

  • Pace, P. George G Pace, Architect: 1915-1975

  • Arnold, H. Three Medieval Inventories in York City Archives

  • Sheppard, C. The Life and Times of Edward Peart Brett

  • Audin, A. The Colonel's Vision: the Military Section at the Castle Museum

Volume 26 (2009)

  • Hogarth, S. Goldlace to Girthweb: the Evolution of a Trade in York

  • Fawcett, B. St Leonard’s Place: Its Development and Buildings

  • Sheppard, C. The Establishment of Bonded Warehouses in York

  • Wilson, R. Cultivating the City: York’s Allotment Gardens

  • Bruce, G. & McIntyre, L. Mass Graves at All Saints Church, Fishergate


Volume 27 (2010)

  • Milsted, I. The Roman Landscape of Blossom Street

  • Wheatley, I. Some Medieval Seals in the Archives of York Merchant Adventurers' Company

  • Hogarth, S. Coping with Change: 17th Century York Trade Tokens and their Issues

  • Fawcett, B. Pugin in York


Volume 28 (2011)

  • Hogarth, S. & Halliday, J. York Trade Tokens: a Postscript

  • Murray, H. Bernard Dinninckhoff, Henry Gyles and William Peckitt: Enamel Glasspainters of York

  • Jackson, E. Henry Isaac Rowntree: his Life and Legacy

  • Hughes, E. The York Penitentiary Society in Context, 1845-1919: How Did It Fit into York’s “Penal Welfare Complex”?


Volume 29 (2012)

  • Butler, L. All Saints Church, North Street, York: a New Analysis of its Structural Development

  • Hogarth, S. ‘The Very Best of Everything’: R. W. Anderson & Sons, Gentlemen’s Outfitters, 1863-2008

  • Murray, H. Armorial Stained-Glass Panels at Hauxwell

  • Johnson, M. Excavation of a Roman Camp at Huntington South Moor, York

  • Yates, D. The Impact of the Enclosure Process Upon the City of York

Volume 30 (2013)

  • Hogarth, S. A Yorkshire 'Bourse de Marriage'

  • Garside-Neville, S. Trouble at t'Mill: the Varying Fates of the Windmills in the Evelyn Collection

  • Fawcett, B. The 1948 Plan for York

  • Kenny, J. Investigating the Roman Road from Eboracum towards Aldborough, near Hessay and Moor Monkton

  • Fawcett, B. Hugh Murray (1932-2013): A Bibliography

  • Index to Volumes 21-30 (Click here for a PDF of the full index)

York Historian 31-40

Volume 31 (2014)

  • Harrison, K. Adornment or Allegory? A Consideration of the Significance of the Figural Capitals in the Choir of York Minster

  • Small, I. The York Theatre and the Construction of Nationalism

  • Owen, M. The Fulford Biscuit Makers              

  • Hunter-Mann, K. & Moseley, J. - Excavations at a Romano-British Site at Stockton-on-the-Forest, York

  • Fawcett, B. Photo-Feature: Elm Bank, The Mount, York

Volume 32 (2015)

  • Harrison, K. ‘There Is No Trace of It in the Minster Glass Now’: An Investigation into the East Window of St. Martin’s Coney Street and its Eighteenth-Century Acquisition by York Minster

  • Fawcett, B. York’s Phoenix and Albion Foundries

  • Rimmer, J. Clementhorpe Maltings, Lower Darnborough Street, York

  • Brown, I. A.W.N. Pugin and the East Window at St. George’s Roman Catholic Church in York

Volume 33 (2016)

  • Reid, Dick & Anthony P.Power The Day Book of George Walker Milburn, York Sculptor and Carver.

  • Suttill, Rosemary York's Mystery Plays since 1951: Community Engagement and Faith

  • Hayward, Mary Reginald Hunt: "The Autograph King"

  • Royle, Edward Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel, Little Stonegate, York

  • Hunter-Mann, Kurt The Roman main road to Chester, and the civilian settlement at York

Volume 34 (2017)

  • Palliser, David  1154 and All That: Truth, Doubt and Myth about the History of York

  • Hogarth, Sylvia  Toys, Trinkets and Telescopes: Craftsmen and Inventors in eighteenth-century York

  • Scouler, Anne  One Life: Mr. Robert Maskewe, Lord Mayor of York 1574-5 and his curious end              

  • Hunter-Mann, Kurt and Mark Johnson Recent Archaeological Findings at the King''s Manor, York

  • Fawcett, Bill  The Curious Tale of York Fire Station and Trinity Methodist Chapel

Volume 35 (2018)

  • Fawcett, Bill and John Ives  The North Eastern Railway War Memorial, viewed in diverse contexts 

  • Hogarth, Sylvia  Luxury Retailing in 18th -century York

  • Suttill, Rosemary  York's Sick and Injured: some historical landmarks

  • Claxton, Kevin  Analysing Lead Artefacts from the Siege of York

Volume 36 (2019)

  • Harrison, B. Philip Mercier (1691-1760) and York

  • Collinson, C. A Banquet for the King: Elizabeth Thornborough in York, 1599 – 1617

  • Hogarth, S.D. Cherchez les femmes coverts: Finding women milliners and dressmakers in eighteenth century York 

  • Batman, P. The plight of Irish potato famine migrants in Victorian Walmgate: a study of immigrants in Long Close Lane and Hope Street

  • Suttill, R. Tadcaster, a town in transition?

  • Chrystal, P. J Lazenby & Son Ltd: York’s other confectionery company

  • Plus book reviews, new for 2020!

Volume 37 (2020)

  • Hogarth, P. Traffic Problems in Regency York

  • Sheppard, C. Francis Drake and the Debtors Prison

  • Emery, P.A. and R.G.Mackenzie York South Motive Power Depot: significant archaeological insights

  • Woodings, B. The Cato Prompt Book, Tate Wilkinson and the York Audience

  • Sheils, S. Arnold Stephenson Rowntree. (1872-1951): A Liberal in the age of extremes

Volume 38 (2021)

  • Jones, M. Dunnington and Grimston in the seventeenth century: a study of typical villages

  • Scott, M. York's Other Civic Architecture

  • Pollitt, R. The walls of many colours? Mansion House external decoration

  • Waters G. Reflections on the Signs and Symbols of Civic Identity in Early Medieval York

  • Hogarth, P. Bodysnatching in York

Volume 39 (2022)

  • Sylvia D. Hogarth    York’s other assembly rooms: ‘Diversions’ for ‘Persons of every Rank and Degree’

  • Anna J. Cook    Yorkshire’s Celebrated Pedestrians

  • Susan Major    The birth of Mass Tourism to York in 1844

  • Gillian M Parker    Building the Foundations of the Backhouse Nursery of York

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