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The Hanstock Collection

Thomas Joseph Wilmott Hanstock (Born 23rd February 1871; died 7th February 1942) was a York commercial photographer. His collection, bequeathed to YAYAS by Peter Hanstock, comprises portraits, group shots, wedding photos, events, and postcard images, including those of York Minster, churches, and villages just outside York. 

In addition, he worked for local businesses, photographing their wares and shops for advertising purposes. He often photographed subjects, with a view to selling them to the local newspapers. He also worked with Dr Evelyn taking architectural photographs, and it likely that some of his photographs are also in the Evelyn Core Collection.

YAYAS has 2270 of Hanstock’s slides, all of which have been digitised. There is an index in Excel format which show the subjects ranging from 2” trench Howitzer to Yorkshire Motor Show 1907, via such subjects as the Co-op and Monkgate Methodists, which hints at how varied the images are.

By kind permission of Kath Burton.

YAYAS' very own Sandra Garside-Neville has been very busy researching and cataloguing the Hanstock Collection and has developed an interest in the VAD Hospitals depicted in several of Hanstock's images. Take a look at the video to the left for a fantastic snapshot of Hanstock's VAD experience created by Sandra herself!

Hanstock Training College

Hanstock Training College

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