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2020/21 Lectures Season Archive

Our usual lecture seasons run from October to June, culminating with our AGM.

These are the details of our lectures for this season: use this page to get a feel for the kind of lectures you could enjoy free of charge as a YAYAS member or as an aide memoire for those elusive lectures you've enjoyed over the years.

2020 – 2021 lecture season

17th February 2021

Evelyn's York - a Guided Tour

Ivan Martin

The first lecture is by our very own council member, Ivan Martin. Those of you who know Ivan will be aware of his vast repository of York knowledge; those of you who don't, prepare to be impressed! Back in 1994 Ivan Martin, then the Secretary of the York Voluntary Guides, obtained a digital projector and laptop to aid the training of those guides. With the Evelyn images in memory, a good guide can paint a picture of the city in times past. It enables us to see York in the eyes of our ancestors.

24th March 2021

A HISTORY OF HOTELS IN YORK - A celebration of 700 years of hotels and visitor accommodation in the city of York


Ian Tempest

Staying visitors are important to York’s economy. But where do they stay and how has this changed over the centuries? Visitors come in the main for the history and vibrancy of the city and its attractions, but some of the most famous hotels in York also reflect those characteristics - and many weren't originally hotels at all!

Ian Tempest will be giving the lecture - he worked for many years in economic development and tourism in City of York Council.


7th April 2021

Yorkshire Archaeological Aerial Mapping

Tony Hunt

We had a small taste of Tony Hunt's work at our 2019 AGM. With the use of a drone, Tony is able to map and record archaeological sites without even setting foot on them. As Tony says:
"All images captured using our bespoke Infrared camera and processed by the also bespoke HHGVC algorithms. Not Lidar... not Photogrammetry and not Digital Elevation models - this is differential plant reflectance... and all our own research!" With these techniques, Tony is able to render a site in 3D with non-invasive methods.




28th April, 2021

More Images from the Hanstock Collection


Ian Drake

Enjoy some rarely seen images of York as YAYAS' Keeper of the Evelyn Collection takes us on a journey through YAYAS' collection of photographs by Hanstock. 





26th May 2021


Exploring the 15th century stained glass in the east window of Holy Trinity, Goodramgate.

Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews (DAC/Education Team at the Anglican Diocese of Leeds/Publicity Officer for The Society for Church Archaeology) will discuss the details and study of the fifteenth century east window of the Holy Trinity Church on Goodramgate, York.

Anglican Diocese of Leeds Publicity Officer - The Society for Church Archaeology

Conference Director (Leeds Minster 2021) - The Ecclesiological Society

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